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Career Path Possibilities
Gary shares why we produce video glimpses into career possibilities.
The Impact of an Experiential Site Visit
In a recent blog, Gary highlights site visits as powerful ways to show Linked Learning in action.
Helping children succeed
Lani shares how positivity, creativity, and play can help children in therapy in our latest Day in the Life.
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When students love what they're learning, they work harder, dream bigger, and learn more.
Day in the Life Trailer
Showcasing career possibilities
Linked Learning's Aha Moment
Upcoming Experiential Site Visits
Day in the Life video
Meet Lani Hessen, an Occupational Therapist
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In our Student Voices video, students speak about how Linked Learning has changed their learning experience. Our Industry Professional playlist showcases our Day in the Life videos series. Each video provides an inside glimpse of various professions that young people can choose. To see our full collection of videos, click here.

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Student Voices
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Linked Learning Teaches 21st Century Skills
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We designed ConnectEd Studios to be the online hub for Linked Learning. It uses technology to support project based-learning in the classroom and help connect industry and community partners with teachers and students.

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