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Where the Wild Things ArePosted on April 17, 2017 at 7:37pm by Gary Hoachlander

Bang to the sound of the
drums as we dance with the
trees in the wind. Party with
the wild side of your heart.

So bang baboom as we live life
wild, away from the laws and rules
of the in-crowd, the cool kids find me
where the wild things are.

Boom, the thunder of us, the
wild rebels running from the
dark bland hands of the
in-crowd to find ourselves
where the wild things are.

Not hiding anymore we
show our faces shining
like the shrine at the top
of the sun setting hill, find yourself
where the wild things are.

-Phillip Whittington

That is one of twenty-eight poems, short stories, and essays in an anthology, A Wider Space, produced by students last year at Ben Carson High School of Medicine and Science in Detroit, a Linked Learning Pathway and a NAF Academy. Each of these works individually and poignantly says what it means to be free, or not.

I love their book, mainly for what it is. But also because it is testimony that Linked Learning pathways, when well executed, are about real-world, authentic experiences in so many different forms, not just those focused specifically on the pathway’s industry or career theme. Would that we were all so eager to go “where the wild things are.”

For $10, you can buy their book at Barnes and Noble. And there is a new book in the works for this spring!


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